Sunday, 6 November 2016

Sporting the Trendiest Man Bun Hairstyle, Matt Damon Shocks the Fashion Industry

Matt Damon has his unique style of causing a stir in the media with his amazing taste of fashion and style. Maybe you remember that this star surprised his fans last July with a big ponytail and now he appeared in Beijing with a man bun making it even more difficult for the fans to bear the surprise. His longer hair tied in a bun looks fabulous.

The Change is Dramatic

He was in the media just a short time back with his cropped hair and now he arrives in China with this graceful man bun that the fans do not believe. The speculations are moving around that he may have clipped extensions because the time period is too short to grow such long hair. The speculation is not only a speculation because the star has confessed that he needed longer hair for his upcoming role in the movie “The Great Wall” This happened before in 2015, July when he made his shocking appearance in a long ponytail. They fans got stricken with madness about his new hairdo and social media buzzed with tweets and posts!

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The Great Confession!

It did not take the movie star long to confess that the hair actually is not his natural long tresses but he has to put on extensions for his role in the movie for which he has arrived in China. The interesting thing about his new hairstyle is that it has been maintained with a full day’s hard work. The makeover continued for a whole day and the stylist was a British lady who had to fly to China especially for his hair makeover.

Hair Extensions

The stylist took a whole Sunday to fix 700 hair extensions for Matt Damon. You can see that the hairdo was not at all easy. She started in the morning and continued till night to complete fixing the entire extensions in place. This may have given fans some relaxation about the fact that he did not grow this hair overnight but still looking at those long tresses tied in a man bun gives them the thrill of a new hairstyle that is so unique and marvelous.

A new Experience

Fans may look at the new hairstyle of Matt Damon as a stunning turn in his style but Matt has something different to say. He is not finding the new hairstyle that easily manageable. He revealed his real feelings and said that he is trying his best and spending much effort to keep his new locks in the best condition but the ordeal seems very tough. He is used to short hairstyle and finding these long tresses in a day on his head is not really an easy change to embrace for the star.

Well, the good news is that he has special feelings for his life partner and daughter. Showing his high appreciation for his wife and daughter the star maintained that it is a hard job to accept such long hair and he admires them for doing so.

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