Sunday, 6 November 2016

Justin Bieber's Hair Transformations Over The Years

From the very start of his life, Justin Bieber has been in the focus because of his dark-brown straight hair. What made them more attractive is the style that he sticks to since very young age. The style has become his signature hairstyle. Over the years, the spirit of the style did not change, though the little details altered a bit. But in every changed style he does not lose the same aura that is well-defined by a special style of his hair.

Do you know that how Justin has successfully maintained the looks of the same striking young boy who has won the attention of huge masses? It is all about his hairstyle. Many of his fans take a record of his different images in different hairstyles. Before starting his career as a singer, he had voluminous hair that thickly fell on his forehead. The length of his hair in front was long as compared to the sides and back though the sides were not very short. A little turned to a side, these thick bangs added to his features.

When Justin Grew Older…

As Justin Biebe grew older, the fringes were kept with time but he cut short the sides and back. This added some mature shades in his features and bestowed upon him an aura of a bigger boy. At this stage he never cared for styling his hair with a gel or any other product. Maybe he did not need to. But with time, more creative ideas appeared in his hairstyle and Justin combed his hair with a dash of gel. A few strands were combed back at the top while the sides remained swept to the front.

When He Rose To Stardom…

After having become a famous singer and earning a huge fan base, his care of hair entered a new stage when he started using gel with more focus to style his hair in tousled spike look. This hairstyle kept his classy looks and added some trendy texture to his hair.

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For once and all he styled his hair to get that side parted classy look of the 70s and 80s with not a single strand going out of the formation and performs for the top class animated movies. This looked tidy on him while he appeared in a white button up-shirt and black velvet coat.

The Little Changes He Used To Make…

Justin Biebe kept his long hair on the top of his head for many months, and maybe years, while making little changes but not parting the hair mostly. Many a times, he would stick to unruly tresses. And surprisingly they looked strikingly graceful on him. For a more obvious change in his hairstyle, he took another step that flattered him more. By cutting the sides and back shorter and leaving the top hair long on a side until the strands reached low on his cheek at one side, he took a real step into the challenging hairstyles’ world.

Now Justin Biebe is a mature young man and goes with an entirely different hairstyle one day and with another different style the other day. He goes versatile about his hair on every occasion.

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