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Best Celebrity Men Hairstyles 2017 – Get Some Inspiration from Hardy Sandhu

If you like Indian music, particularly the Punjabi music, then you would definitely be familiar with the young talented vocalist from Patiala, Hardy Sandhu. Besides his beautiful voice and great singing capabilities, the young singer has also managed to steal hearts of so many girls with his dashing personality and looks. He is always in style and takes great care of his appearance by dedicating special time to what he wears and how he styles his hair. Many young boys often try to mimic Hardy Sandhu men hairstyles 2017 and look as stylish as the star himself is. With more and more young guys turning to Hardy Sandhu hairstyles, we have listed some of his popular looks for you which you can try on yourself as well. So, let’s take a look at these.

1. Modern Slicked Back

This is a new touch to the classic slicked back hairstyle. With shorter sides and longer hair on the top styled to one side, this hairstyle really provides you a neat look. Besides Hardy Sandhu, Jassi Gill has also rocked similar sort of hairstyle some time back. The style is getting popular in young boys and even many actors have also pulled it off. Some gel or wax is needed for styling your hair this way.

2. Spiky Haircut

Just like the slicked back hairstyle, Hardy has given new dimension to spiky haircut as well. Keeping the haircut same, he styled this look with a styling product by raising his longer hair on top upwards. You can style spiky hair in several different ways, it needs little maintenance and looks great on oval faces.

3. Side Parted Style

When you are a singer or actor, you don’t really need to worry about having haircut that can also be worn in office. That’s exactly the case with this hairstyle as well. Hardy gave a different look to this hairstyle by styling the front hair to a side and creating sort of spikes in kissanime film of the year and on the hair on back and side parting the hair. This hairstyle really suited him and he rocked the look.

4. Spiky Hair With A Beard

Giving a new touch to his spiky hear, Hardy augmented his spiky hairstyle with a Punjabi beard. The look was awesome and many girls threw their hearts at him after seeing his stunning looks.
If you are wondering what hair products you’ll be in need of to get one of these haircuts then here is a list for you.

  • Hair Comb
  • Hair Spray
  • Gel
  • Dryer
  • Clipper

5. Horn Blow Hairstyle

You might well be aware of the undercut with slicked back hair among all men hairstyles 2017 collection. Yes, that’s exactly the same which was worn by Brad Pitt in one of his movies. However, that was classic undercut with slicked back hair and the one Hardy has tried is a modern version of the same. This hairstyle was worn by Hardy in a latest music video of his that is released in the name “Horn Blow”. Even though it’s harder to maintain this hairstyle compared to different others but, if you can capitalize on that, it really looks great. 

Monday, 7 November 2016

Some of Brad Pitt’s Most Handsome Hairstyles

When we talk about good looking as well as graceful locks, there is none who would tick Brad Pitt out of the line. The actor has a gold standard in grooming his hair. He remains an inspiring figure to men of all ages with his multiple styles of hair grooming. From shoulder-length to the buzz cut and all other styles in between, he has sported them all. He has managed to pull off all sorts of hairstyles with such a grace and confidence that most of us only dream. Over the years, Brad’s hair has taught us some valuable lessons and appealing styles. And here we share them with our readers:

Side Part Does the Best Job

Whether you are in a formal event or at a different friendlier gathering, the well-groomed side part is an invincible style and has the ability to fit in all times. Same goes for Pitt as he wore side part as his signature style. 

Practical Sweep Back

People say sweep back takes some time to fix on your face shape. Yes, it needs time and practice but it is one of the strongest hairstyles on a barber’s list. Brad gets them in the perfect shape and that is why he rocks them with a full show of masculinity.  

High and Tight Has Taken Years off Brad Pitt’s Face

This point makes its numbers with Pitt. Brad managed a furry undercut that matched his features so closely that no one could add in his age more than thirty! Can you also pull it off the same way?

Shaping Up the Sideburns

This has been one great style that Pitt wore and was appreciated by many. It gave him a new aura and added to his grace. Perfectly shaped sideburns kept the cool in this wonderful actor. 

A Little Length up Top is Never out of Fashion

Sure, many men need time to get there. Some awkward feeling accompanies you all the way through. But, once you get that top hair length, you feel extra confident and never like to change! And, Pitt is the great example of that in himself. He kept long hair up top for quite some time and his looks impressed his fans a lot.

Facial Hair Taking Pitt’s Style to a New Level

Pitt also managed to pull off beard and mustache with grace and kept that style for quite some time! The look suited him too much and many of his female fans really went crazy after seeing him that way.  


Going for alternatives has always been Pitt’s hairstyle. From long hair to buzz cut, he has tried it all. And believe it or not, he managed to pull off an attractive look in all these alternatives. The key lies in how these hairstyles were dressed on him. 

So, no matter what Brad Pitt wears, he always looks elegant, pretty and stylish. You can also get some inspiration from some of his popular hairstyles. 

Zain Malik Hairstyles – Grace and Panache Combined

Zain Malik has gone through a series of very unexpected and huge changes in his life recently. From leaving the famous band 1D to breaking up with his fiancĂ©, Perrie Edwards, his life has been a roller coaster of events. The strange thing is that Zain’s hairstyle has gone through even a more eventful time than his life. Those of you who had been a close fan of this teen star must have observed his drastically changing looks because of new and completely changed hairstyles he had been wearing. 

He has tried many sorts of hairstyles and nature has been, especially, kind to this young singer that all of the styles flattered his personality greatly. Let us have a short glimpse of Zayn Malik’s hair that have inspired many youngsters to be bold and confident with their trendy choices of hairstyles. 

Shiny Start with Zain Malik

The singer had a shiny and cute hairstyle in the start when he first appeared to public in London early in his career. He rocked a bouffant like style. His baby hair looked shiny and adorable.  Next time he was seen in a side-shaved haircut, looking quite mature and tidy. His upright tousle-haircut always puts him at a prominent level among all the band members. 

From the very start, he had features and styles that kept him distinguished in his band. Maybe this was the reason why he left the band one day!

Ruffle Go through 

Zayn has the sort of hair that he ruffles them through with his fingers and they look more than great. Many a times he was seen with his band in this look, like on the day when they performed “This Is Us”, with simply ruffled hair that has their own style and attraction. 

A Great Display of Zain Malik

Sides cut short and top hair maintained in spikes, Zayn managed an edgy look with his full grown boy-beard. It was splendid. Keeping the same length of his hair, he went for Mohawk next time looking more striking. 

Best Impersonation

His Elvis Presley impersonation startled everyone. He managed slicked-back hairstyle with a wisp nearly touching his eyelashes. He awfully resembled the icon. He nailed it with his smoldering gaze!

A Man Bun with Zain Malik

Zayn once tried a man bun but it was tiny and could not impress the fans! It was just for a change. He soon opened the bun and let his hair fall on one side to look free and casual. Later he cut short his top hair and their dark natural hue attracted the fans as ever!

Dramatic Buzz

The buzz haircut suits him even more. His Asian features, especially his mesmerizing eyes pierce in your heart directly when you see him in this haircut. In the Asian Awards ceremony that he attended solo, he wore a buzz cut with a neatly short trimmed beard. He was a gentleman in his style. 

Zayn and Hair Dyes 

It is not only that Zayn has tried different haircuts but he had a fair share of hair dyes too. Fans have enjoyed his platinum blonde, lime green and silver gray hair dyes that put him so different. 

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Justin Bieber's Hair Transformations Over The Years

From the very start of his life, Justin Bieber has been in the focus because of his dark-brown straight hair. What made them more attractive is the style that he sticks to since very young age. The style has become his signature hairstyle. Over the years, the spirit of the style did not change, though the little details altered a bit. But in every changed style he does not lose the same aura that is well-defined by a special style of his hair.

Do you know that how Justin has successfully maintained the looks of the same striking young boy who has won the attention of huge masses? It is all about his hairstyle. Many of his fans take a record of his different images in different hairstyles. Before starting his career as a singer, he had voluminous hair that thickly fell on his forehead. The length of his hair in front was long as compared to the sides and back though the sides were not very short. A little turned to a side, these thick bangs added to his features.

When Justin Grew Older…

As Justin Biebe grew older, the fringes were kept with time but he cut short the sides and back. This added some mature shades in his features and bestowed upon him an aura of a bigger boy. At this stage he never cared for styling his hair with a gel or any other product. Maybe he did not need to. But with time, more creative ideas appeared in his hairstyle and Justin combed his hair with a dash of gel. A few strands were combed back at the top while the sides remained swept to the front.

When He Rose To Stardom…

After having become a famous singer and earning a huge fan base, his care of hair entered a new stage when he started using gel with more focus to style his hair in tousled spike look. This hairstyle kept his classy looks and added some trendy texture to his hair.

Video Tutorial - YouTube

For once and all he styled his hair to get that side parted classy look of the 70s and 80s with not a single strand going out of the formation and performs for the top class animated movies. This looked tidy on him while he appeared in a white button up-shirt and black velvet coat.

The Little Changes He Used To Make…

Justin Biebe kept his long hair on the top of his head for many months, and maybe years, while making little changes but not parting the hair mostly. Many a times, he would stick to unruly tresses. And surprisingly they looked strikingly graceful on him. For a more obvious change in his hairstyle, he took another step that flattered him more. By cutting the sides and back shorter and leaving the top hair long on a side until the strands reached low on his cheek at one side, he took a real step into the challenging hairstyles’ world.

Now Justin Biebe is a mature young man and goes with an entirely different hairstyle one day and with another different style the other day. He goes versatile about his hair on every occasion.

Sporting the Trendiest Man Bun Hairstyle, Matt Damon Shocks the Fashion Industry

Matt Damon has his unique style of causing a stir in the media with his amazing taste of fashion and style. Maybe you remember that this star surprised his fans last July with a big ponytail and now he appeared in Beijing with a man bun making it even more difficult for the fans to bear the surprise. His longer hair tied in a bun looks fabulous.

The Change is Dramatic

He was in the media just a short time back with his cropped hair and now he arrives in China with this graceful man bun that the fans do not believe. The speculations are moving around that he may have clipped extensions because the time period is too short to grow such long hair. The speculation is not only a speculation because the star has confessed that he needed longer hair for his upcoming role in the movie “The Great Wall” This happened before in 2015, July when he made his shocking appearance in a long ponytail. They fans got stricken with madness about his new hairdo and social media buzzed with tweets and posts!

The Graham Norton Show Discussion on Matt Damon's Ponytail

The Great Confession!

It did not take the movie star long to confess that the hair actually is not his natural long tresses but he has to put on extensions for his role in the movie for which he has arrived in China. The interesting thing about his new hairstyle is that it has been maintained with a full day’s hard work. The makeover continued for a whole day and the stylist was a British lady who had to fly to China especially for his hair makeover.

Hair Extensions

The stylist took a whole Sunday to fix 700 hair extensions for Matt Damon. You can see that the hairdo was not at all easy. She started in the morning and continued till night to complete fixing the entire extensions in place. This may have given fans some relaxation about the fact that he did not grow this hair overnight but still looking at those long tresses tied in a man bun gives them the thrill of a new hairstyle that is so unique and marvelous.

A new Experience

Fans may look at the new hairstyle of Matt Damon as a stunning turn in his style but Matt has something different to say. He is not finding the new hairstyle that easily manageable. He revealed his real feelings and said that he is trying his best and spending much effort to keep his new locks in the best condition but the ordeal seems very tough. He is used to short hairstyle and finding these long tresses in a day on his head is not really an easy change to embrace for the star.

Well, the good news is that he has special feelings for his life partner and daughter. Showing his high appreciation for his wife and daughter the star maintained that it is a hard job to accept such long hair and he admires them for doing so.