Monday, 7 November 2016

Zain Malik Hairstyles – Grace and Panache Combined

Zain Malik has gone through a series of very unexpected and huge changes in his life recently. From leaving the famous band 1D to breaking up with his fiancé, Perrie Edwards, his life has been a roller coaster of events. The strange thing is that Zain’s hairstyle has gone through even a more eventful time than his life. Those of you who had been a close fan of this teen star must have observed his drastically changing looks because of new and completely changed hairstyles he had been wearing. 

He has tried many sorts of hairstyles and nature has been, especially, kind to this young singer that all of the styles flattered his personality greatly. Let us have a short glimpse of Zayn Malik’s hair that have inspired many youngsters to be bold and confident with their trendy choices of hairstyles. 

Shiny Start with Zain Malik

The singer had a shiny and cute hairstyle in the start when he first appeared to public in London early in his career. He rocked a bouffant like style. His baby hair looked shiny and adorable.  Next time he was seen in a side-shaved haircut, looking quite mature and tidy. His upright tousle-haircut always puts him at a prominent level among all the band members. 

From the very start, he had features and styles that kept him distinguished in his band. Maybe this was the reason why he left the band one day!

Ruffle Go through 

Zayn has the sort of hair that he ruffles them through with his fingers and they look more than great. Many a times he was seen with his band in this look, like on the day when they performed “This Is Us”, with simply ruffled hair that has their own style and attraction. 

A Great Display of Zain Malik

Sides cut short and top hair maintained in spikes, Zayn managed an edgy look with his full grown boy-beard. It was splendid. Keeping the same length of his hair, he went for Mohawk next time looking more striking. 

Best Impersonation

His Elvis Presley impersonation startled everyone. He managed slicked-back hairstyle with a wisp nearly touching his eyelashes. He awfully resembled the icon. He nailed it with his smoldering gaze!

A Man Bun with Zain Malik

Zayn once tried a man bun but it was tiny and could not impress the fans! It was just for a change. He soon opened the bun and let his hair fall on one side to look free and casual. Later he cut short his top hair and their dark natural hue attracted the fans as ever!

Dramatic Buzz

The buzz haircut suits him even more. His Asian features, especially his mesmerizing eyes pierce in your heart directly when you see him in this haircut. In the Asian Awards ceremony that he attended solo, he wore a buzz cut with a neatly short trimmed beard. He was a gentleman in his style. 

Zayn and Hair Dyes 

It is not only that Zayn has tried different haircuts but he had a fair share of hair dyes too. Fans have enjoyed his platinum blonde, lime green and silver gray hair dyes that put him so different. 

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